Sunday, June 28, 2015

Updating after another long break

I want to get everything up to date here.

I plan to post my geocaching adventure pix from the class trip taken in April 2014 shortly.

I plan to update my statistics.

I hope to add my grandson's adventures as well.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

2 years of forgetting

Yup. I forgot to post here. My adventures geocaching with kids has changed a bit. My own children are all now adults as well as the majority of my nieces and nephews. I do have 3 adorable grandchildren to explore with and this school year I have a class to take along!

I have started with educaching as a way to introduce my class. I am currently teaching in a rural country school on Montana's Hi-Line. It is a very small school. My class started out with 7 students- 2 girls & 5 boys- grades 4 through 8. I now have 4 boys in grades 5 through 8 and they are a fun group.

I plan to document our Spring geocaching experience and hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I do!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My first event

I have planned & posted my first ever geocaching event!
I'm super excited!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Travel bugs & Geocoins

I recently came across a discussion about proxy Geocoins. I have to say it is like many aspects of geocaching in that everyone plays the game the way they enjoy it.
I personally have a nice collection of Geocoins & travel bugs. I have become reluctant to releasing some that I really like. I have harassed people who pick up a coin or TB & fail to move it for long periods of time.
Of course, lately I haven't found caches large enough to hold either coins or TBs so I haven't Benny able to move mine along either. I plan to change that shortly.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Break is over

I am back caching!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

It was a lovely day to geocache

May 14, 2010 was the nicest day we have seen in a few months! I had cabin fever so I grabbed my gps & headed out. The plan? 4 geocaches before meeting the Hubby for lunch!

I arrived at cache #1 (one I had found in it's first two forms before) and knew it would be a super easy find.

Oh look! A Waymark!

Made it to the top


Back in Shiny & my favorite song of the moment was on!

Then it was on to my first DNF of the day. I pulled up to the cache area and searched. I searched high and low for 10 minutes then text for help. Even with a hint I could not find it. Time was running short so I headed out to cache #3. Well that one had me all over an area of GF I am not familiar with. Not good. I did find this cool house:But that was when I started to think I should quit while I can still find my way home!

I had to race across town to meet the Hubby!
I pulled into the restaurant parking lot & thought at first this was him

Close but he rides a blue Honda Shadow

I went inside to wait

He was detained by the Wing Commander. I was lucky to get the 45 minutes for lunch we had when he could get there.

I think I should have more days like this. OK, maybe more successful geocaching days but this was a nice day to be out & about anyway.

Happy caching!

The Winter/Spring cache dash!

OK- it was not an official event it was just my way of having fun with some of the geokids on trips to Hungry Horse Montana! (I went two weekends in a row)

First I have to say it was awful to have to drive this 500 mile trip in a rental vehicle instead of my Shiny.

March 27- we pack up & left early (0600 is early for teenage boys) hitting our first Waymark 30 minutes out! We managed to get 10 waymarks on this trip. The two boys who were in the car on the way up had a blast- they helped navigate, read the gps & geocaching clues, were willing, er, excited to get out and find each & every cache we came to. The only reservation that was voiced was stopping in Browning to find 2 waymarks. We were able to do a drive-by style waymark so I was happy & they were content.
We picked up the 3rd teen in Hungry Horse a little after noon & he was revved up to help cache our way home. He did spot 2 on his own.

I wish I had the total scored for trip #1 but I lost that paper. I will say we were all soaked from head to toe by the time we found all 15 geocaches!

April 3 - The 3 boys & I were joined by my Hubby and our geomutt, Karma! We all piled into Shiny a bit later than planned. This time we headed up another road to the same destination. The hubby drove and was excited to know that we did not find all the caches without him.
We got 2 FTF right off the bat! This was a faster trip with only 8 geocaches to find and none over a 2/2 for the sake of speed. No one was wet this trip but fun was had by all.

Photos are posted here and here!